Poor service = compensation for me, I always expect the best and make sure I get it.

I always expect good service

Based in the UK I have always expected good service. A career in sales and customer service ensure I know what is good and bad service.I have worked in shop, pubs, corporates, you name it. All the same, taking money means giving something in return.

It aint rocket science, I am the client /customer, I am paying for either goods or a service. Be nice to me, make me feel valued, be professional and come up with the goods.┬áIf what you are giving isn’t up to standard, then I expect you to apologise, put it right and more often than not, provide me with compensation.

I abhor those who behave as though they are doing me a favour by taking my money and not keeping up their end of the bargain. I pay, I expect a certain level of goods/ service in exchange. Who do you think you are taking my money and trying to fob me off? I may not be a huge spender, but along with everyone else I do pay for utilities, products, services. I pay taxes to fund the NHS, local councils, LEA.

Why would anyone think they can give me less than I am paying for and not expect something to happen as a result of that?

Corporates to small business, Councils to NHS.

You have your warning, I pay money = I expect.

Or take the consequences and find our correspondence on these pages.




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